Thursday 1st January 1970, 12:00am

“How To Render A Surface Smooth” with Frank Wittke and Stich&Oswald

During this Practical Fridays workshop, Frank Wittke demonstrated how to create a smooth wall surface with plaster. Specifically for this workshop at Counter Space, architects Stich&Oswald permanently installed an extremely thin plasterboard wall.

During the workshop we put into practice the language of plaster. We collectively explored the specific ways plaster can be mixed with water, resulting in different thicknesses and consistencies. We also paid close attention to the drying times of plaster and used tools to apply it to a vertical surface. By the end of the session we learned the art of making a large wall surface perfectly smooth with plaster.

Location: Counter Space (Röschibachstrasse 24, 8037 Zürich)